Nilesh Patel Introduction

“There is nothing more exhilarating than to find out something for the first time – something that may have existed for over a billion years, but was never known before.” Margaret Robinson

Every man gets rewarded for his deeds in some or the other. Making a name for themselves, the company’s founders, Mr. Nimish Patel and the Late Mr. Nilesh K Patel built their empire around three solid pillars: quality, research, and integration. Today, their company produces 1550 M.T. of refined oil daily and has full vertical integration.

The vision to be a leader in Edible Oil Industry commenced on the 27th day of March 1992 as Maruti Proteins Ltd. The company is now well-known in the business world as N K Proteins Pvt Ltd. and is known to Indian families as “Tirupati.” “Tirupati” is a well-known and reputable brand of edible oil in India. This brand, Tirupati quickly gained recognition thanks to its market positioning as a balanced cooking oil that connected with customers on the grounds of health and fitness.

Late Mr. Nilesh K Patel is known for receiving numerous honors as an outcome of his consistent efforts to improve N. K. Proteins. The “Globoil Award for the Emerging Company of the Year” was given to N. K. Proteins in 2011.

The Indian Consumer selected the extremely well-known brand “Tirupati Oils” from N. K. Proteins as the Power brand’s Rising Star.

N. K. Proteins was also certified to have been first in volume and sales for the Refined Edible Oils category for the period ending in March 2012, as well as in volume and sales for the Cotton sales subcategory period.

Being a market leader in the edible oil category has always been made possible by advancements in knowledge, technology, and processes at N K Proteins, and also let me give recognition to the consistent efforts of the Late Nilesh Patel. One of the few businesses, N K Proteins Pvt Ltd reached the level of business it does right now because of the efforts put behind it by Nilesh K Patel.

Mr. Nilesh Patel was always convinced edible oil sector is one of those highly innovative sectors where each research step is crucial since it directly affects people’s health. The N. K. Proteins research and development team is and was capable of continuous innovation, contributing to the company’s and the general public’s prosperity.

With the aid of the “No chhalak” package, innovation for N. K. Proteins has also been introduced at the packaging level. This package stops gurgling and promotes the smooth flow of oils, preventing spoiling. N. K. Proteins has also used cutting-edge technologies to support their research activity in addition to a high-profile R&D team. All goods are healthy, with a primary emphasis on “Healthy” product ingredients.

N K Proteins provides castor oil and its derivatives globally to service the industrial segment. As one of India’s top exporters of castor oil products, it has been designated as a Star Export House. Having stated that, they are in this position as a result of their consistent and upgraded efforts, which have elevated the par of their brand name to heights.

This success story would not have existed without the undying efforts of Mr. Nilesh Patel and his vision for constant success.

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