“Leadership Is Not About The Position; It Is About Action” – Mr. Nilesh Patel

“Leadership is not about the position; it is about action”, the phrase has been doing the rounds for a long and almost all of you must have read or heard it at some point in time. But yet in this piece of article, we are going to talk about leadership drawing some real-life inspirations from the life of the man Nilesh K Patel the Founder & Managing Director of the brand Tirupati, NKP.

Nilesh Patel – the name that needs little or almost no introduction because all his years of dedicated hard work and leadership have become a part of almost every household today, in the brand name of “Tirupati Oil”. It is not about the size of the company that has grown from Nowhere to Every Where it today, but we are talking today about the leadership that N K Patel has set an example for society.

As the phrase said, Leadership is not about the position; but it is about the action that stands true in every sense for Nilesh Patel, as his work ethic, self-discipline, time & people management has been an inspiration for all he had worked with. He was a keen learner all through his life and had always welcomed ideas and suggestions from all the employees at N K Proteins, irrespective of his/her position in the corporate hierarchy. His sad and sudden demise has been a great loss to the organization and society.

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