Foundation Of The Group N K Proteins As The Founders – Nilesh Patel

Trust and faith has been in the foundation of the group N K Proteins as the founders – Nimish Patel and Nilesh Patel strongly believed that any company built on these two foundation pillars can never do wrong for its consumers and employees.

It was N K Patel who could visualize the growth spectra for the brand Tirupati oil, which started as just another Edible Oil brand to “One of the Most Preferred” edible oils today across Western India. It took years of dedication paired with care and concern, touching perfection at every single level before the products are out in the market for mass consumption.

Understanding the scenario very aptly; Nilesh K Patel acted accordingly to gain the faith of the customers by offering them the best possible NKP Products. Quality makes all the difference the man believed & it is always quality before quantity, he advocated saying.

For over two decades; N K Patel had led the brand Tirupati with a relentless attitude accelerating the growth and development of the brand Tirupati. Right from research & analysis, operations, and management to all the marketing activities, he spearheaded the business with excellence.

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